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Monday, January 12, 2015

Best Dressed.

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     The Golden Globes are easily my favorite awards show of the year. I always find the fashion to be just right, a real juxtaposition of classic and modern. It's more relaxed than the Academy Awards, and there's always an air of playfulness to the red carpet. There were a few ladies that really stood out for me last night, so without further ado... My favorite look of the night was easily Julianne Moore. I am obsessed with her! I was lucky enough to see "Still Alice" last week and I weeped practically the entire way through, so I felt her award was well deserved. She looked so stunning in Givenchy Couture. There was quite a lot of metallics on the carpet but she did it best. Hands down.
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     My favorite risk that paid off was Emma Stone in Lanvin. Jumpsuits have been on my radar for the past few months, and I am loving this one. The huge taffeta bow is such a quirky, yet classic detail that in the wrong hands could have definitely gone south, but Emma can pretty much wear anything and look amazing. I love her for shaking things up.
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     Sienna Miller looked simply stunning in this printed frock by Miu Miu. I love the deep v-neck and the floral embroidery, and her short hairstyle and messy waves keeps the whole look youthful. I'm loving it all!
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     Diane Kruger always looks like a goddess, and last night was no exception. She wore the designer Emilia Wickstead which absolutely shocked me. When I first saw her dress, I was certain it was Chanel or Givenchy. I typically equate Emilia Wickstead with the Duchess Of Cambridge, so to see one of her pieces on the red carpet in an entirely different capacity was refreshing. I can't wait to see more.
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     I know that I'm in the minority, but I absolutely loved this Vera Wang dress on Rosamund Pike. The girl JUST had a baby 5 weeks ago and she looks amazing! The fit isn't perfect, but the dress is stunning, and her hair and makeup look perfect. I loved it.
     What didn't I love? The biggest thing that sticks out in my mind are Amal Clooney's heinous white gloves. I read that she decided on those independently of Dior, who outfitted her in a gorgeous dress. However, I didn't really notice her dress until hours after because I was marveling over those horrific gloves! I also wish she'd worn her hair pulled back- it looked really lank and lackluster hanging down and was too much competition for the gorgeous neckline of her gown. Hopefully she'll get it right next time.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


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     When I saw the literary icon that has replaced Daria Werbowy as the face of Celine, I was speechless. Phoebe Philo is a GENIUS to have persuaded Joan Didion to star in the Spring 2015 campaign. If you've ever seen Joan's minimalist packing list floating around the interwebs, then you already know that her aesthetic completely jibes with Celine's, not to mention she did it first. I LOVE this image so much, I am planning on framing it. Oh... and I am absolutely coveting those sharp shades Ms. Didion is sporting...

Monday, January 5, 2015

Bettering Oneself.

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     Happy New Year! The first week of 2015 is almost behind us, and I know that I've given a lot of thought on how I'd like to improve myself this year. New Years resolutions are a slippery slope- one can either grab hold and conquer, achieving the goals they've set for themselves, or fail miserably. Touchy, touchy, I know. A few days ago, while I was pondering my own list of improvements to make, I came across a Vanity Fair article sharing none other than Marilyn Monroe's list of goals for 1955. I've always been fascinated by Marilyn, seeing as how she was portrayed mostly as a "dumb blonde,"  but when you scratch the surface, she was anything but...
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Originally published in the book "Fragments."
     Clearly this document isn't the easiest to read, but lucky for us, her handwriting has been deciphered into an easily readable transcription. So what were Marilyn's goals for herself?

Must make effort to do
Must have the dicipline to do the following –

z – go to class – my own always – without fail

x – go as often as possible to observe Strassberg’s other private classes

g – never miss actor’s studio sessions

v – work whenever possible – on class assignments – and always keep working on the acting exercises

u – start attending Clurman lectures – also Lee Strassberg’s directors lectures at theater wing – enquire about both

l – keep looking around me – only much more so – observing – but not only myself but others and everything – take things (it) for what they (it’s) are worth

y – must make strong effort to work on current problems and phobias that out of my past has arisen – making much much much more more more more more effort in my analisis. And be there always on time – no excuses for being ever late.

w – if possible – take at least one class at university – in literature –

o – follow RCA thing through.

p – try to find someone to take dancing from – body work (creative)

t – take care of my instrument – personally & bodily (exercise)

try to enjoy myself when I can – I’ll be miserable enough as it is.

     Her goals are surprisingly (or not surprisingly if you've read about her) deep, and it is both comforting and sad to see that she regards herself with the same human frailty as anyone else, despite her screen goddess status. Good luck to everyone in accomplishing your resolutions, and may 2015 be filled with health, happiness, and accomplishments!