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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Falling For Fashion.

     I must confess, I get positively GIDDY towards the end of August; particularly on the first day the air has a hint of a chill to it. I consider myself a classic dresser, and in my opinion, nothing is more classic than a fabulous fall wardrobe! Cashmere sweaters, riding boots, leopard print, and red lips all spring to mind when I start my fall fashion check list. This year, I may have started it in June ridiculously early, but by doing so I have been able to snag some absolutely fabulous pieces that I can't wait to wear! Come on, fall!
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     I fully admit, I am a sucker for leopard print. "Something leopard" is always very high up on my list of must gets, and to be honest I'm sure several leopard prints will make it into my closet this fall. I just can't help it! I first fell in love with the Equipment Riley silk tee last spring. If leopard isn't your thing, this timeless style is available in a plethora of colors and patterns, and is sure to be a chic style staple. I personally hope to get my hands on the snakeskin print that Miranda Kerr has been snapped wearing. I love the idea of pairing this with a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a leather jacket. Unfortunately, the last time I checked this particular pattern was sold out.
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     Another habit I just can't seem to kick is my love for sparkly statement necklaces. While J. Crew tends to be my main source of all things shiny, I couldn't resist this Lydell NYC beauty the moment I laid eyes on her. A fab necklace is the perfect addition to an otherwise simple ensemble. I am not one of those girls that mixes patterns, or wears trendy silhouettes, so for me, baubles like these are the perfect amount of pizzazz. I will definitely be donning this with dresses, but also over sweaters and tees as well. It's too beautiful to leave in my jewelry box! I was lucky enough to snag this during Lydell NYC's 4th of July sale, but it's still available albeit at full price. Find it here.
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    This next item combines two of my favorites- cozy knits and the French designer Sandro. I am seriously a sucker for all things Sandro- their pieces are the perfect blend of feminine, minimialist, and Parisian chic. I've had this Sucrette sweater on the brain for longer than I care to share- and last night when it popped up on for $25, I couldn't resist. Seriously! $25 from $265 people! I love Gilt! If you'd like an invitation to join, feel free to send me an e-mail!
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     A timeless red lip is most certainly a fall must have, and mine comes courtesy of Nars Cosmetics. I chose one of their matte lipsticks in the fabulous shade Vesuvio. It is such a perfect pop of color! I love the idea of wearing it alone during the day in keeping with the matte look and then punching it up at night with a slick of gloss over it. I personally prefer Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Exces. They pair perfectly together!
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     Last, but certainly not least, are these beauties, I mean booties from Rag & Bone. I have lusted over the Newbury boot, basically since they came into existence. They are THE perfect boot, and available every season without fail. However, their price tag of $495 has prohibited me from purchasing in the past. But just my luck, I was able to snag an elusive pair on sale in the black nubuck (black suede) this past June, and they've been lying in wait ever since. I cannot wait to bust these out! I will be rocking them with everything, and I do mean everything. I love them. Their heel height is the perfect height, they are cut so beautifully, that I have not seen them look unflattering on anyone. They are available in multiple colors, in leather, suede, and canvas, and if you can swing it, I highly suggest you snag a pair. You won't regret it!
    Be sure to check back for more info on the Rag & Bone Newbury boots, and for what's left on my fall fashion checklist!

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