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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Things That Sparkle.

     Typically when a designer capsule collection is announced in partnership with a chain store, I go through a wave of emotions. Elation often leads to excitement, leads to anticipation, leads to disappointment once I view said collaborations in person. However... there is always an exception to the rule. One of my favorite jewelry designers Alexis Bittar, has created a small collection of tools for Sephora, and they are gorgeous! I've been a fan of Alexis Bittar for many years, and as a former personal stylist, I've adorned many a client in his beautiful, unique, American made (in Brooklyn!) baubles. I love that he's taken his natural aesthetic and translated everyday items into things that sparkle. The main piece of the collection is this exquisite makeup brush set, consisting of 5 gold and crystal encrusted brushes, and a sleek display stand. The set will set you back $175, but with tools this pretty, your makeup application will be far from boring.
     This powder brush and accompanying travel roll is perfect for a girl on the go in need of frequent touch-ups. This set will cost you $58.
     My favorite piece from the collection is this clamshell shaped compact. I have been searching high and low for a glamorous mirror to store in my handbag, and I have most certainly found a winner. This beauty will set you back $42. Run, don't walk to your nearest Sephora to check out these fabulous finds! Oh, and I've heard whispers that there are credits to the Alexis Bittar website in each package... Enjoy!

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