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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fall Fever.

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Confession: I don't get spring fever. There's something mildly cringe inducing about the thought of baring my white as a ghost flesh all of a sudden in strappy dresses, and sandals after being confined to cozy sweaters and knee high boots for 6 months. I do however, experience fall fever, and when it hits, it hits hard. I long for the first chill in the air, the first excuse to break out the cashmere, the time of year where dark, rich nail polish colors don't look out of place. I love it. Fall fashion is simply the best from the luxurious fabrics including silk, cashmere, and leather, to the rich palate of colors- deep burgundy, camel, and all shades of black. This year I've been extra attentive with finding my fall fashion inspirations and I want to share a few with you...
I believe the key to fabulous fall dressing is layering textures. Faux fur fits fabulously over chunky knits and wooly leggings. A large leather bag is the perfect finishing touch.
Camel colored leather pairs perfectly with thick cable knits and waxed denim.
Color is a perfect proponent to play with. 
Ignore staid wardrobe dictations and wear winter white.
Animal prints are the new neutrals. Pair them with bold jewel tones.
Lastly, finish off your fabulous fall look with a pop of color and a touch of shine.
Chunky bold jewelry looks luxe next to sumptuous fabrics.
Dress up your look with a feminine heel in a contrasting color.
Happy fall!

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