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Monday, September 30, 2013

The Essentials: Wardrobe Staples 6-10

As much as I enjoy buying up every autumn inspired item in sight,  I rely on essential wardrobe staples to tie everything together. I previously discussed the quintessentials including a trench, and a little black dress, (see them here) and today I'd like to share the next 5 in my series...
Bag by Chanel
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6. Black Bag- I always consider my bag to be my car. I lug around every necessity (and every frugality) I can fit. I'd be truly lost without it. While I love my grandmother's vintage clutch bags, and my worn in Michael Kors Astor tote, the one quintessential bag every woman should own is a classic black bag, the Chanel 2.55 being the most classic of all. This is a piece akin to the trench, any woman, any age can carry it, it will never go out of style, and well, just look! It's gorgeous! I think I need to invest in several as I don't want my future grandchildren to argue!
Alexander McQueen jacket.
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7. Leather Jacket- Once reserved for bikers, the leather jacket now looks just as fabulous thrown over a ball gown as it does over jeans. The perfect way to add some edge to your every day, a leather jacket is both at once edgy and classic. It is James Dean and Anne Hathaway all rolled into one!
Chloe t-shirt
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8. White Shirt- Everyone needs a clean canvas to build their outfit on. There is room to play with this item. While I prefer a white tee for its versatility, a white button down is a perfect acceptable and chic substitute-Sharon Stone wore a Gap button down to the Oscars once! Wear it to the grocery store, wear it to a ball, this item is a classic and a staple.
Mimi Holliday by Damaris bra.
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9. The Perfect Undergarment- Undergarments are the foundation of an outfit. Every woman should know her proper cup size. Once you have obtained that information, play to your heart's desire. I recommend doing as the French do and wear the most expensive matching sets you can afford. It will give you that extra boost of confidence, not to mention a sexy secret.
The Row blazer.
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10. Blazer- A blazer is another versatile essential. I would recommend one in blue or black, but there is most certainly room to play. There are many different cuts and styles so it's best to try on a few options before you commit. The perfect blazer will take you from the board room to an evening out and look just as flattering with jeans as it will with a sexy dress. Whether you choose a navy schoolboy blazer or a classic black tuxedo, it's a smart investment that will stand the test of time.
To be continued...

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