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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Essentials: Wardrobe Staples 1-5

     I am constantly editing my wardrobe. Removing items from seasons past to donate or sell on Ebay,  or more frequently, pulling fresh garments from shopping bags and hanging them in my closet. Diane von Furstenberg says one should consider articles of clothing as friends so when you open your closet you are surrounded by friends. Well, it is my personal opinion that one can never have too many friends, but I do believe there are 15 items that should begin as the foundation for every woman's wardrobe. Allow me to introduce your 15 new best friends...
Burberry trench.
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1. Trench Coat- Trench coats are utter perfection in my eyes. You can be Catherine Deneuve or Kate Moss, rock it in October or May, and are always guaranteed to look chic and pulled together. Throw it over jeans and flats and you're good to go, same goes for that perfect little cocktail dress. It will survive rain and snow, take you from day to night, and NEVER go out of style.
Diane von Furstenberg dress.
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2. Black Dress- Little known fact, but Coco Chanel invented the little black dress in 1926 at a time when bright colors and prints were all the rage. She made them in wool for day and different variations of crepe and velvet for evening. Other designers famously mocked her- Elsa Schiaparelli her enemy, made frocks covered with lobsters and splashed her signature pink everywhere, and Paul Poiret called her invention "deluxe poverty." However, not all shared the sentiment. American Vogue nicknamed Chanel's LBD "The Ford" for its potential long lasting success. Every woman should own a black dress in a cut and fabric that flattering to her body and relevant to her lifestyle.
J Brand jeans.
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3. The Perfect Jean- Although jeans have been around since the 18th century, they've only in the past decade become the status symbol they are today. They are one of the most frustrating items to shop for, but if you persevere you will find the magic pair. Every woman should know what cut, wash, size, and length works for her, as jeans are now an essential to any wardrobe. They can worn to work, to play, and everything in between. My best advice is to avoid lighter washes, whiskering, and cuffed jeans as all can add bulk in places unwanted.
Christian Louboutin pumps.
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4. Nude Heels-  This one may be puzzling to some of you. Why not a black heel? Nude heels make your legs look ridiculously long. Because there's no breakup in the color of your skin and the color of your shoe, it makes your legs appear as if they go on forever. They're also a great buy because they're a neutral and they will go with everything. No ankle straps though, as they will cut your legs off and make you look dumpy.
Valentino necklace.
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5. Statement Jewelry- Every woman needs a bold piece of jewelry to pull her outfits together. There's lots of room to play with this item. Fancy a whimsical necklace? Buy the Valentino pictured above and rock it out over a t-shirt and jeans or with your favorite LBD. In the mood for a cocktail ring? Splurge on a YSL Arty ring and it will still pull together any look you choose. The pieces and price points are endless and for you to choose at your discretion. Just think of it as the final frosting to your cake.
To be continued....

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  1. Yowzas! This entire collection is SICK!!! love it, want it, need it, have to have every single item...And I totally agree, every gal needs an armor of red lipstick to update the most casual or glam outfit...You're right on the money!

    Btw, Haute Khuuture just celebrated the 1-year mark and I'm celebrating with a HUGE giveway! Would love to see you stop by when you get a chance!

    Happy Tuesday hun!


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